Look Sexy AF While Having

Get maximum results with exercises that are so much fun, you will keep begging for more!

Beeryani Fitness is to motivation what porn is to masturbation.

Getting in shape is a lot like masturbation, only when you enjoy doing it, will you get the best results. ;)

Gyms Suck! - This is what makes us awesome!

Fun and Interesting Workouts

Our scientifically backed training methods not only burn 2 to 3 times the fat than running on a treadmill, but are so good, you will keep begging for more!

Free Personal Training

At Beeryani Fitness, there will always be a coach to guide you and personalize the program based on your needs. At no additional cost!

Community and Group Workouts

The biggest reason that people fail is because they're unable to motivate themselves beyond a point. Our community builds a sense of togetherness that makes the gym a place you want to return to.

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Traditional Gyms

Beeryani Fitness

Filled with Creepos.

Is a Safe and no Judgement place.

Charged extra for Personal Training.

Personal Trainer at no extra cost!

Trainer is friendly on the first day and ignores you if you don't take PT.

We ARE friends, even if you don't join us! :)

You have to follow a strict diet.

We help you figure out the best and fastest path for you.

Short term and subpar results.

Long term results.

Boring exercises.

Workouts so asskicking, you'll keep begging for more.

What Do Our Customers Say About Us?

We only take on people we can genuinely help!

This gym is ideal for you, if you:

  • 1. Want to shed fat.

  • 2. Build an athletic physique and look sexy AF.

  • 3. Love Batman

This gym is Definitely NOT for you, if you:

  • 1. Want to be a bodybuilder.

  • 2. Are a bully and take pleasure in belittling people.

  • 3. Are looking for the cheapest gym in town.

By doing HIIT and Strength Training, you will be burning as many calories as running on a treadmill for anywhere between 15-30 minutes in just about 5 minutes.
While most of our clients have lost anywhere between 2-5kgs in a month's time, some of them haven't lost any weight, but lost inches around their waist!
I'm going to be honest with you: neither have we invented any new exercises nor do we have any fancy equipment. Our programs are grounded in solid scientific principles that any educated coach would know of.
You may even find better/crazier exercises than what we guys are doing on YouTube, but what makes us special is not the exercises or the equipment. Exercises become boring and you get used to the equipment, no matter how fancy.
We, focus on building a community and helping people, day-in and day-out. Because 2 months down the line, you will want to come to the gym, not because of the equipment, but because of the friendships you have built over time.
We have an induction program that teaches you how to do all the basic exercises, so you don't have to know how to do the exercises!
Even if you're unable to do any exercise, we come up with a variation you could do. We have clients who've had back surgeries and Ligament tears work out with us on a regular basis too.
No, this place is definitely not for jerks. Apart from that, this would be best for men and women between 16 to 40, who hate gyms, treadmills and anyone who may have been bullied/had a terrible experience with coaches/diets.
Any older, you could come too, provided you have been working out, but if you are someone who has been sedentary for the last couple of years, I simply cannot ask you to join us in good conscience.
We have four hourly batches between 0630 AM-1030 AM and another four between 1700-2100 in the evening.
We also have this option of you attending any session that's convenient for you. Say, you want to make it at 730 AM, but couldn't, you could attend any session after that as well.
Big deal! We understand that what we're doing is not ideal for everyone. Heck, I recommended a couple of my friends to join other places, as I didn't feel what we're doing is the right place for them.
Most coaches in the fitness industry are A-holes. They're your best friend the first day you go to the gym and if you don't take Personal Training, they shame you and tell you that you're no good. At our place, everyone gets Personal attention and even if you don't join us, we'll still help you out if you need anything from us. Yeah, I know, we're awesome like that!
I cannot wait anymore. STFU and sign me up!
I cannot wait anymore. STFU and sign me up!

Every time you think of joining a gym, but don't, a Unicorn dies! You can stop the slaughter! Act NOW!

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